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TickList Data Provider


Validates a tick list, returning true of the tick list is valid. Throws an exception if the tick list is not valid.

ticks: Tick[]! # A list of ticks to validate
tickSpacing: Int32! # The tick spacing of the list
): Boolean!


Returns the tick at the requested index

tickDataProvider: Tick[]! # A list of ticks to search
tickIndex: Int32! # The tick index of the requested tick
): Tick!


Returns next initialized tick, or max or min tick. Returns true if a tick is found at index.

tickDataProvider: Tick[]! # Tick list to search
tick: Int32! # Current tick index
lte: Boolean! # True of returned tick index should be less than or equal to current tick index
tickSpacing: Int32! # Tick spacing of tick list
): NextTickResult!