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Common Types


Options used when determining the best trade in bestTradeExactIn(...) and bestTradeExactOut(...)

type BestTradeOptions {
maxNumResults: UInt32 # Maximum number of results to return
maxHops: UInt32 # Maximum number of hops a returned trade can make, e.g. 1 hop goes through a single pool


Describes a token

type Currency {
decimals: UInt8! # Token decimals
symbol: String # Token symbol
name: String # Token name


Fee configuration for encodeUnwrapWETH9(...) and encodeSweepToken(...)

type FeeOptions {
fee: String! # The percent of the output that will be taken as a fee.
recipient: String! # The recipient of the fee.


Represents fraction, typically a percent.

type Fraction {
numerator: BigInt! # Numerator of fraction
denominator: BigInt! # Denominator of fraction
quotient: String! # A decimal string representation of the fraction


Transaction calldata and an ether value to be sent with the transaction

type MethodParameters {
calldata: String! # The hex encoded calldata to perform the given operation
value: String! # The amount of ether (wei) to send in hex.


The minimum amounts that must be sent in order to mint the amount of liquidity held by the position at the current price for the pool

type MintAmounts {
amount0: BigInt! # Amount of the first token in the pool
amount1: BigInt! # Amount of the second token in the pool


Parameters for a permit allowing the transfer of tokens. Either amount and deadline OR nonce and expiry are required.

type PermitOptions {
v: PermitV!
r: String!
s: String!
amount: BigInt
deadline: BigInt
nonce: BigInt
expiry: BigInt


A liquidity pool involving two tokens which can be exchanged for a price determined by a price curve and market dynamics

type Pool {
token0: Token! # The first token of the pool
token1: Token! # The second token of the pool
fee: FeeAmount! # The fee amount liquidity providers receive as a share of swaps made in the pool
sqrtRatioX96: BigInt! # An encoded representation of the current swap price
liquidity: BigInt! # The total liquidity available in the pool
tickCurrent: Int32! # The current tick
tickDataProvider: Tick[]! # A list of all ticks in the pool
token0Price: Price! # The current mid price of the pool in terms of token0, i.e. the ratio of token1 over token0
token1Price: Price! # The current mid price of the pool in terms of token1, i.e. the ratio of token0 over token1


A liquidity position between two ticks in a pool

type Position {
pool: Pool! # The pool on which the position is held
tickLower: Int32! # The lower tick, marking the lower boundary of the position
tickUpper: Int32! # The upper tick, marking the upper boundary of the position
liquidity: BigInt! # The maximum amount of liquidity received for a given amount of token0, token1, and the prices at the tick boundaries
token0Amount: TokenAmount! # The amount in this position of the first token of the pool
token1Amount: TokenAmount! # The amount in this position of the second token of the pool
mintAmounts: MintAmounts! # The minimum amounts that must be sent in order to mint the amount of liquidity held by the position at the current price for the pool
token0PriceLower: Price! # The price of token0 at the lower tick
token0PriceUpper: Price! # The price of token0 at the upper tick


Represents price of a token in terms of another token. When used as a function argument, the 'price' property is ignored.

type Price {
baseToken: Token! # The base token of the price
quoteToken: Token! # The quote token of the price
denominator: BigInt! # Amount of base token used to calculate price
numerator: BigInt! # Amount of quote token used to calculate price
price: String! # A decimal string representation of the price


An ordered path of pools through which a swap can occur

type Route {
pools: Pool[]! # A list of pools, wherein each pool in the list has a token in common with its adjacent pool(s)
path: Token[]! # The path of tokens that are swapped through the pools
input: Token! # The input token, where the route begins
output: Token! # The output token, where the route ends
midPrice: Price! # The mid price of the output token, in terms of the input token, for this route


Configuration for creating swap transaction calldata using swapCallParameters(...)

type SwapOptions {
slippageTolerance: String! # How much the execution price is allowed to move unfavorably from the trade execution price.
recipient: String! # The account that should receive the output.
deadline: BigInt! # When the transaction expires, in epoch seconds.
inputTokenPermit: PermitOptions # The optional permit parameters for spending the input.
sqrtPriceLimitX96: BigInt # The optional price limit for the trade.
fee: FeeOptions # Optional information for taking a fee on output.


A pool tick marks a section of the price curve. A liquidity provider may hold a position on a tick, rather than the full curve.

type Tick {
index: Int32! # Tick index
liquidityGross: BigInt! # Gross liquidity in Pool at tick position
liquidityNet: BigInt! # Net liquidity in Pool at tick position


ERC20-compliant token or Ether

type Token {
chainId: ChainId! # Id of chain where token exists
address: String! # Address of token's ERC20 contract
currency: Currency! # Token description


An amount of a token

type TokenAmount {
token: Token! # Token
amount: BigInt! # Raw amount of the token, not adjusted for the token's decimals


A trade contains the information necessary to create an on-chain exchange of tokens

type Trade {
swaps: TradeSwap[]! # A list of swaps to be executed atomically, all of which must have the same input and output tokens
tradeType: TradeType! # Type of trade, either exact input or exact output
inputAmount: TokenAmount! # The total input amount (sum of input amounts in swaps)
outputAmount: TokenAmount! # The total output amount (sum of output amounts in swaps)
executionPrice: Price! # The price of the trade, in terms of the input token
priceImpact: Fraction! # The percent difference between the route's mid price and the price impact


A route, input, and output amount that compose the core elements of a trade

type TradeSwap {
route: Route! # The route of the trade
inputAmount: TokenAmount! # The amount being passed in
outputAmount: TokenAmount! # The amount returned by the trade when executed