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Command line interface for Polywrap.


npm install @web3api/cli


Install it and then in your project directory, see the list of available CLI commands by using the command:

w3 help

The following menu will appear in your terminal window:

w3 version 0.0.1-prealpha.12
w3 ๐Ÿ”ฅ Web3API CLI ๐Ÿ”ฅ
help (h) -
test-env (t) Manage a test environment for Web3API
query (q) Query Web3APIs using recipe scripts
create (c) Create a new project with w3 CLI
codegen (g) Auto-generate API Types
build (b) Builds a Web3API and (optionally) uploads it to IPFS

Let's take a look at each of these options individually.

test-env (t)#

This command allows you to manage a test environment for Web3API.

w3 test-env command
up Startup the test env
down Shutdown the test env

When the Web3API CLI starts or shuts down a test environment, it uses Docker Compose. Compose is a tool for defining and running multi-container Docker applications. In this case, it will create an environment for Ethereum using Ganache and IPFS using localhost:5001.

query (q)#

This command queries Web3APIs using recipe scripts, typically for testing purposes.

You can specific your recipe path, for example, with:

w3 query ./recipes/e2e.json

A simple e2e.json recipe file looks like the following:

"api": "ens/testnet/simplestorage.eth",
"constants": "./constants.json"
"query": "./get.graphql",
"variables": {
"address": "$SimpleStorageAddr",
"network": "testnet"
"query": "./set.graphql",
"variables": {
"address": "$SimpleStorageAddr",
"value": 5,
"network": "testnet"

In the above example, the constants.json file could include the following:

"SimpleStorageAddr": "0x0E696947A06550DEf604e82C26fd9E493e576337"

create (c)#

Creates a new project with the Web3API CLI.

w3 create command <project-name> [options]
api <lang> Create a Web3API project
langs: assemblyscript
app <lang> Create a Web3API application
langs: react
plugin <lang> Create a Web3API plugin
langs: typescript
-h, --help Show usage information
-o, --output-dir <path> Output directory for the new project

codegen (g)#


build (b)#

Builds a Web3API and (optionally) uploads it to IPFS.

w3 build
-h, --help
-i, --ipfs
-o, --output-dir
-e, --test-ens
-w, --watch

If you wanted to deploy to IPFS, simply use the command -ipfs <ipfs uri>.