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Installing the Polywrap JS client


If you're a JavaScript developer building Browser, Node.js, or React based dApps, this guide is for you.


In the future, JavaScript will be one of many supported languages. Our goal is to enable the use of Polywraps in every major programming language.

By the end of this document, you'll gain the following skills:

  • How to instantiate the Polywrap client in your JavaScript dApp
  • Query any Polywrap using the Polywrap client
  • Configure custom Polywrap URI redirects
  • Build React dApps with ease

If you get stuck during this guide, send us a message on our Discord!


As prerequisites for this guide, we recommend having familiarity with TypeScript. React will also be used in the latter sections.


To use Polywraps in your dApp, all you need is the Polywrap Client!

npm install --save @web3api/client-js

The Polywrap JavaScript Client works in both Node.js, and browser applications.


Currently Chrome and Brave are the only supported browsers. This restriction will be removed very shortly.

The next section assumes that you're integrating Polywrap into an existing dApp project. If you want a quick start with our template project, simply run:

npx @web3api/cli create app react <project-name>

Where <project-name> is replaced with a custom name of your choosing. For example my-web3api.

This command will create a new project folder with a "Hello World" dApp that lets you interact with a simple Polywrap at ens/helloworld.web3api.eth.