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Deploying to Fleek


In this guide, we'll walk you how to deploy your Polywrapper to Fleek so that other dapps could integrate it into their dapps!

Setting up#

For this guide, we'll be using the Polywrap Demos repo. Clone the project onto your own machine:

git clone

Then, we will check out the demo branch with the meta files already set up:

git pull origin polywrap-metadata

Now, we can build the sample Polywrapper with the following commands:

nvm use
yarn build

Your build folder should be generated now. Copy and paste the ./web3api.meta.yaml and ./meta files into the build folder.

Uploading the build folder to Fleek#

On the left hand menu of your Fleek account page, click on the "Storage" link.

Then, click "Create Folder" and name it anything that you'd like.

After that, click "Upload" to begin uploading contents of your build folder onto Fleek.

Verifying the package on IPFS#

For the last step, simply click the "Verify on IPFS" button. This will provide you with the IPFS hash! For an example of what you should see, visit this IPFS link.

Now that you have the IPFS hash, you can use it as a value in the URI property of your Polywrap queries to access the mutation and query functions on this Polywrapper. You can also register an ENS domain and have it resolve to this IPFS content.