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Add Metadata

Developers can add metadata to their wrappers by writing a Meta Manifest polywrap.meta.yaml file. Metadata makes it easier for application developers to display a wrapper, make it searchable, and find helpful links.


Its location must be referenced in the Polywrap Manifest with a field labeled meta.

meta: ./polywrap.meta.yaml


The Meta Manifest contains titles, descriptions, images, tags, and links that application developers can display when presenting or discussing your wrapper.

format: # The manifest format version
displayName: # (Optional) Name of the wrapper that users should use for presentation
subtext: # (Optional) Subtext of display name; brief description of the wrapper
description: # (Optional) Detailed description
repository: # (Optional) Repository URL
icon: # (Optional) Path to wrapper icon or log
tags: # (Optional) Array of terms that can help find your wrapper in search
links: # (Optional) Array of links relevant to your wrapper
- name: # Name of link
icon: # (Optional) Icon associated with link
url: # (Optional) Link URL