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Adding new query functions

Update the query schema & module#

With our mutation implementation complete, it's now time to move onto the schema module. The steps are almost identical to above.

Update the ./src/query/schema.graphql file like so:

#import { Query } into Ipfs from "w3://ens/ipfs.web3api.eth"
type Query {
address: String!
connection: Ethereum_Connection
): String!

Implement the getIpfsData(...) method like so in ./src/query/index.ts:

import {
} from './w3';
export function getIpfsData(input: Input_getIpfsData): string {
const hash = Ethereum_Query.callContractView({
address: input.address,
method: 'function getHash() view returns (string)',
args: [],
connection: input.connection,
return String.UTF8.decode(
Ipfs_Query.catFile({ cid: hash })

To verify everything is implemented correctly, try running yarn build and see if the Polywrap build succeeds.