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Deploy to IPFS

There are multiple ways that can be used to deploy your newly created wrapper package to IPFS, enabling other apps to integrate your wrapper:

wrappers CLI#

wrappers is a command-line tool for publishing polywrappers to IPFS and ENS. IPFS publishing is done via a wrap-persistence-node endpoint. By default it publishes to the public endpoint.

> Step-By-Step Guide


Fleek makes it easy to build websites and apps on the new open web.

> Step-By-Step Guide


Pinata provides tools and infrastructure for all creators to easily create and manage content on IPFS.

> Step-By-Step Guide

Crust Network#

Crust Network provides a Web3.0 decentralized storage network for the Metaverse.

> Step-By-Step Guide


Aleph allows your blockchain enabled app to securely access trusted off-chain data or computation within a couple lines of code.


Arweave enables you to store documents and applications forever.