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Get Wrapper Metadata

Some application developers may be interested adding or retrieving wrapper metadata. Wrapper developers can add metadata to their wrappers by writing a Meta Manifest file. Application developers can obtain the Meta Manifest as an object or class in the client's native language.

More information about the contents of the Meta Manifest can be found in Add Metadata.

The client's getFile method can be used to retrieve a file from a wrapper. It uses the wrapper URI as the root path.

const manifestString = await client.getFile(uri, { path: "./polywrap.meta.json", encoding: "utf-8" }) as string;
const manifest: MetaManifest = JSON.parse(manifestString);

To obtain icons from paths listed in a wrapper's Meta Manifest, use getFile again. The return type of getFile will be a string if the encoding option is used, and an ArrayBuffer otherwise.

const isBuffer = await client.getFile(uri, { path: manifest.icon });
const isString = await client.getFile(uri, { path: manifest.icon, encoding: "utf-8" });

We wrote a React app to demo fetching and displaying wrapper metadata. You can view the source code here.