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Running Workflows

A workflow is a configurable process that will execute one or more Polywrap wrapper invocations. Workflows are defined in YAML or JSON. Workflows can be run with the run command of the polywrap CLI.

Writing workflows#

A workflow consists of a tree of Jobs and Steps.

A Job is an independent, named unit that can contain an array of Steps named steps and/or a set of sub-Jobs named jobs. Each Job runs asynchronously, and therefore Jobs may run in any order. Although all the sub-jobs are guaranteed to be executed after the parent job completes. Outputs of the parent jobs can be referenced as the input of any of its sub-jobs. By default, run will run all jobs in a workflow. A Job index can be provided to run to execute a specific job.

A Step is a wrapper invocation. An array of Steps runs synchronously--i.e. in the order defined in the workflow.

The result of a Job or Step can be passed as an input argument to a Job or Step that is its child in the tree hierarchy.

name: # name of the workflow
jobs: # a set of one or more jobs
case1: # a job, named by the user
steps: # an array of steps
- uri: fs/build # uri of invocation
method: query # method to invoke
args: # method arguments
config: # (Optional) modified client configuration for this call

Configuring the Client#

Users can configure the Polywrap client used to execute a workflow. This is done by providing the Polywrap CLI's run command with the path to a custom configuration file. The configuration file can be a JavaScript or TypeScript module. It must implement and export a function named getClientConfig.

The getClientConfig function accepts the default ClientConfig as an argument and returns the custom Polywrap client configuration. It must be implemented with the following signature:

// asynchronous option
export async function getClientConfig(
defaultConfigs: Partial<PolywrapClientConfig>
): Promise<Partial<PolywrapClientConfig>>
// synchronous option
export function getClientConfig(
defaultConfigs: Partial<PolywrapClientConfig>
): Partial<PolywrapClientConfig>

Workflow output#

The output of a workflow can be written as a file in the JSON or YAML format with the output-file option of the Polywrap CLI's run command.

Workflow output is printed to the console by default. Console output can be suppressed with the quiet option of the Polywrap CLI's run command.