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Polywrap CLI


Command line interface for building with Polywrap.


Docker is required to perform some tasks, including to build Wasm wrappers. Linux users will also need to install Docker Compose. Docker is free for personal use. Once Docker is installed and enabled, you're ready to go!


npm install polywrap

Node v16 and above is recommended.


To list available commands, run the help command:

polywrap --help

The following menu will appear in your terminal window:

Usage: polywrap [options] [command]
-h, --help display help for command
build|b [options] Build Polywrap Projects (type: interface, wasm)
codegen|g [options] Generate Code For Polywrap Projects
create|c Create New Projects
deploy|d [options] Deploys Polywrap Projects
infra|i [options] <action> Modular Infrastructure-As-Code Orchestrator
run|r [options] Runs Workflows
docgen|o [options] <action> Generate wrapper documentation
manifest|m Inspect & Migrade Polywrap Manifests
help [command] display help for command

To learn about each command, simply add --help after the command name to be given a full description of the options available:

polywrap build --help