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Ecosystem Tooling

Check out the great tools & services the Polywrap DAO contributors have made:

  • Ethereum ABI -> Wrapper Generator: is a node.js console app that can read an Ethereum smart contract abi file and generate Polywrap wrapper code for schema and AssemblyScript modules..
  • Wrapper Persistence Node: is a node.js console app with an integrated IPFS node that can crawl/listen for all ENS wrapper registrations (via content records) and automatically pin the IPFS URIs..
  • wrappers CLI for Wrapper Persistence Node: is a command-line tool for publishing polywrappers to IPFS via a wrap-persistence-node endpoint.
  • Defiwrapper is a collection of different DeFi related polywrappers(prev web3api) like defi-sdk, coingecko, etc. With Defiwrapper, we want to create a cross-chain multi-platform suite of DeFi related polywrappers.