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Polywrap is a framework for developing software powered by Wraps. Wraps are software modules that are:

  • Portable - run in any environment
  • Composable - easily and safely call into one another

We believe that the future of software will be driven by a multitude of highly-specialized, platform-agnostic modules rather than monoliths.

Polywrap comes with:

  • Clients - for interacting with Wraps from any environment
  • CLI - for integrating, building, and deploying Wraps

Currently, Polywrap is being used for:

  • Web3 - bringing web3 protocols into all types of apps
  • AI - enabling AI to learn and compose together new actions

Check out awesome-polywrap for an overview of the the Polywrap ecosystem.

Community support

Join our Discord to get support and connect with the community!


Polywarp is open-source software currently licensed as MIT.